Bourgault seeding v 1.0 [MP] – Farming simulator 2013 Mod


Farming simulator 2013 Mod: Bourgault seeding v 1.0 [MP]

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Cultivator-Seeding fertilization system.
For all those who CartCombi was too long here is a stand-alone machine.
Maximize your earning potential.Independent seeding system for general seeding conditions
For all player major companies and Bigfield
Tillage, underfloor fertilizing function of Webalizer. Cultivators, sowing and fertilizing in one operation without prior tillage. Working width of 20 m.
With the underfloor fertilization you can between part and whole surface fertilization choose
Maintenance 11 € / day
The device is not for the faint tractors or small fields!
Capacity: 12000 l 12000 l seeds + Fertilizer


webalizer Knagsted

Download modification (9.07 MB)

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