D028 v 1.0 – Farming simulator 2013 Mod


Farming simulator 2013 Mod: D028 v 1.0

Original link [Uploaded.net]

The colleagues of the LPG 32 October have now taken their old fertilizer spreader again. The dust has already eaten into the paint, but it still works perfectly.

The D028 / 4 UNISPRAY is an add-on centrifugal fertilizer spreaders from the former GDR. It was produced in the country VEB Engineering “Red Banner” chub.
The drive of the spreading plate was approximately 540 rev / min through the rear PTO of the tractor.
The fertilizer spreader was loaded at the field edge. To ensure the ability to steer the tractor in the loaded state of the D028 was equipped with two support wheels.

mod by frog

Thanks to:
-Sven777b for lighting v3.1.1


Sven777b – Beleuchtung v3.1.1

Download modification (2.3 MB)

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