General Purpose Single Axle Trailer v 1 [SP] – Farming simulator 2013 Mod


Farming simulator 2013 Mod: General Purpose Single Axle Trailer v 1 [SP]

A Single Axle UBT in JD colours for small farms. Contains a Used and New version.
Removable Front Rail.
Manual or Automated Bail Pickup.
balecapacity: 8 big square bales, 10 round bales, 30 normal square bales, 78 small square bales, 185 small bales from Welger_AP730_SimpleChute, 280 small bales from Welger_AP730_ExtenedChute, 200 small bales from Free DLC Baler


Model: Milpol
In Game: Milpol/SndGrdn
TrailerParts Script: SndGrdn
Lights Script: Sven777b
Original Bale Script: Bassaddict
Convert to FS13: xiukaz

Download modification (1.49 MB)

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