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Farming simulator 2013 Mod: Global warning indicator Global warning display v 4.1.7 [MP]

Global warning | Global Warning Display | GWA
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This mod installs itself into all motorized vehicles , Drescher,
Sowing and fertilizer application independently.


This mod with any of the Hagenstedt Modified 2013 use , there
he is already integrated !

How are you the AI helpers on field 1 at harvest ? Does he have enough fuel in the tank ? If the bunker maybe full? And what does the tank from the tractor to the dug bert on box 35 ? Where the diesel or for the rest of the field ?
If you are confronted with such questions then it is time for the GWA . Here we obtain the necessary information to be able to react in time , without which one must sit yourself in one of the vehicles .

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Use of the mods in the game
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Each device can be individually excluded from the global warning indication to the device must be coupled (if it is not self- mobile) and it must also be selected . Then a shutdown via the key combination Ctrl + Left D ( Standardbelegeung , can be changed in the options ) is possible , of course it can it be turned on the very same way again so that it is displayed again if the device is empty or full.

What can be switched off ?
Useful for example if a shuttle trailer also has the ability deploy itself ( manure, water , etc), then in this trailer By default, the level is displayed as a warning if it is too low. But he should act purely as a feeder , this is not necessary and can therefore be turned off.

The status, so whether on or off is stored with the vehicle / equipment in the savegame !

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Features at a glance
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Display when the fuel level of a vehicle under 15 % falls
Display when the bunker of a thresher / a harvesting machine exceeds the 90 % mark
Combined display at threshers / Harvesters if tank 90%
Display at sowing machines when the level falls below 10%
Display in fertilizer spreaders when the tank level drops below 15 %

The display can be divided into several stages Hide the F1 key , the sequence looks like this :

Help window visible , Hud visible
Help window is not visible , Hud visible
Help window visible , Hud NOT visible
Help window NOT visible Hud NOT visible
again everything visible , starting from the front



Download modification (0.05 MB)

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