IMT 5210 DV ULTIMATE V 5 – Farming simulator 2013 Mod


Farming simulator 2013 Mod: IMT 5210 DV ULTIMATE V 5

I have things changed since V4 version:

- A lot of new materials
– New painting
– New front windscreen
– New front rims and tires
– Fixed lighting
– Fixed scripting
– New front end of the tractor (hood)
– New exhausts


Model: milos123
Convert: milos123
Scripts: milos123
Textures: milos123
Mod By IMT modding team

IMT 5210 V1 by Vex90
IMT 5210 V2 by Vex90
IMT 5210 V3 by Vex90
IMT 5210 V3 fixed by Vex90
IMT 5210 FINAL by Vex90
IMT 5210 DV ULTIMATE by Vex90

Download modification (17.64 MB)

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