Jennys Farm 09 v 4.0 – Farming simulator 2013 Mod


Farming simulator 2013 Mod: Jennys Farm 09 v 4.0

This map was built with the GIANTS_Editor_5.0.1 and Patch 1.4 was used !

This was done in the V4 and changed!

The farm was almost completely redesigned , rearranged , the more space for large vehicles and new shelters were built . Also a land trade has got a place where you sold your grain if the price is right ! Seed and fertilizer you can also buy there .
The sheep and chickens are now drawn to the yard to facilitate the work . In order not to constantly look to see if the wool is full range with the sheep , a WoolPaletteCollector was installed .
It was used to decant for canola , barley and wheat silo with a new hatch . The silo sunflower is still out of service . For corn , potatoes and turnips halls were built with Silobändern , again refer to the fruit.
I also have Silobänder incorporated into the feed storage and manure pit. At the port , the butcher , the sale of the pigs.
After repeated request , I ‘ve now also rolling gates installed at the port and also applied to mow more lawns .

That gives it all:

1. yard with a cow pasture, pigs and small biogas plant
2. New shop to purchase your equipment for the yard
3. BGA
4. Dairy Farm
5. spinning the wool for sale
6. Mill : sales of grain
7. Port: sale of grain , potatoes , sugar beets and pigs
8. brewing AG: root crops Sale
9. Restaurant : Adoption of barley and wheat
10. market: sales of potatoes
11. chicken and sheep grazing are right on the farm (see map)
12. There are no missions , and the fields all free !

and last but not least a lot of fun in multiplayer .

I ask who else finds errors or so they tell me so I can remove it if possible ! Thank you for your understanding and wish you much fun while harvesting ! Would appreciate one or the other sometimes encountered in MP !

Greeting wolle66

Download modification (292.1 MB)

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