Pack Low Loader Aguas Tenias v 3.0 MR [MP] – Farming simulator 2013 Mod


Farming simulator 2013 Mod: Pack Low Loader Aguas Tenias v 3.0 MR [MP]

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European Version:

Length: Total 12m, 11,2m recessed platform.

American Version:

Length: Total 15m, 9,2m recessed platform.

Both Versions:

Low-floor width: 2550 mm, with telescopic stretchers up to 3600 mm.

Ramps with hydraulic side shift up to 3000 mm, with telescopic stretchers to 3600mm.

Second and third directional axis, adjustable support feet gondola, adjustable rear foot support, access ramps to Gooseneck with side shift, rear hitch, securing cargo, timber for putting up reamers, gate in gooseneck being the removable rear tail lights rotating adjustable width.


Model 3D: Javier007
Textured: Javier007
Textures AO: Javier007
Ingame: Javier007
MoreRealistic: JFMtb

Download modification (13.5 MB)

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