Renault Ares 610 RZ v 3.0 [MP] – Farming simulator 2013 Mod


Farming simulator 2013 Mod: Renault Ares 610 RZ v 3.0 [MP]

Renault Arès 610 RZ Final Edition

- Poids Tracteur: 5.3 Tonnes
– Vitesse Max: 50 km/h
– Capacité Réservoir: 210 Litres
– 110 Chevaux


- KP0: Eclairage Intérieur
– KP1, KP2, KP3: Clignotants et Warning
– KP4: Mettre/Enlever Boules d’Attelages
– KP5: Feux de Travail Avant
– KP6: Feux de Travail Arrière
– KP7: Ouvrir/Fermer Porte Gauche
– KP8: Ouvrir/Fermer Vitre Arrière
– KP9: Ouvrir/Fermer Porte Droite
– 5: Mettre/Enlever Caméra Arrière
– Space: Interactif Control


<specialization name="beleuchtung31"

<specialization name="greenstar"

<specialization name="MMRearCam"

<specialization name="PloughingSpec"

<specialization name="RadsturzV2"

<specialization name="rotation"

<specialization name="speedDisplayControl"

<specialization name="BJR_DriveGroundParticles"

<specialization name="passenger"

<specialization name="buyableCareWheels"

<specialization name="BuyableCareWheelsAttacher"

<specialization name="buyableTwinWheels"

<specialization name="BuyableTwinWheelsAttacher"

<specialization name="dynamicExhaustingSystem"

<specialization name="indoorSound"

<specialization name="interactiveButtons"

<specialization name="interactiveControl"

<specialization name="interactiveWindows"

<specialization name="lanes"

<specialization name="Washable"

<specialization name="WashableCW"

<specialization name="WashableWH"

<specialization name="MouseControlsVehicleEdit"

<specialization name="AloeFrontloader"

This mod has been created, entirely, by TiSuiss, only the 3D is not him.

He died April 6, 2014 at the age of 30 years, this mod is a tribute to him.

Thank you not to modify it to respect his work.

Should be changed, thank you don't forget to mention his name.

Thank you all!

Team FraBel Ls Modding (


– FS13: TiSuiss (FraBel LS-Modding)

Additionnal Wheels :
– CebuljCek


Download modification (28.78 MB)

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